FG Associates Full Team

At FG Associates we believe in and adhere to our four principles:

Success – Our success is defined by the success of our clients.

Shared Accountability – The only way to guarantee success is through shared accountability. That is why we have created a model unique in the marketplace.

Openness – From the start we will work with you in a transparent manner have agreed and clearly defined what success looks like.

Straightforward – You can trust us to talk with honesty, substance and simplicity.

These are more than just words.

If 75 years combines experience in recruitment, executive search and people development has taught anything its that the existing models and behaviours are failing.

Having successfully delivered key appointments projects in over 20 countries and in industries across the UK we have realised that a few things remain true:

  • the need for high performing talent
  • recognising that people are more than just their experience and CV
  • technology can never replace relationships but it creates a more effective process
  • getting to the heart of our clients business is not an option, its a necessity

No matter the size of the business, and we have worked with start ups and ftse 100 companies, the fundamental issue is understanding what success looks like for that business.

You’ll know when you meet us.